Level = Maximum security level for command run
In= Tools where added at

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Name Level In Text
MATQ *All V7.5 Materialize Queue Message
MENUW *All V5.0 Work Menu File
MENUW2 *ALL V5.0 Work Menu File Record
MOVOB *All V3.0 Move Object
MOVOBL *All V1.0 Move Object
MOVSP *All V1.0 Move Spool File
MOVSPL *All V1.0 Move List Spool File
MOVSRC *All V4.0 Move Source File
MOVSRCL *All V4.0 Move Source File List
OVRPRF *All V3.0 Override User Profile
POPMSG 30 V4.0 Pop Up Message Tool
PRINT *All V2.0 Print Data
PRTRNG *All V1.0 Print Range Spool File
PUTSPLF *All V7.0 Put Spool File Data
RDOW *All V6.5 Return Day Of Week
READFS *All V7.5 Read Stream File
READK *All V7.0 Read Keyed File
RGZFIL *ALL V6.5 Reorganize library
RMTCMD 30 V3.0 Run Remote Command
RMTDSP 30 V3.0 Display Remote Screen
RMTH *All V1.0 Return Month Len
RMVEP *All V4.0 Remove Exit Point
RMVSRC *All V3.0 Remove Source Info
RMVSSHR *All V6.5 Remove Server Share
RSTSP *All V1.0 Restore Spool File
RTNASP *All V6.0 Return ASP infos
RTNDT *All V7.6 Return Date/Time
RTNFLEN *All V7.0 Return Member File Lenght
RTNHST *All V1.0 Return Host Name
RTNINV *All V1.0 Return Invocation
RTNLEN *All V6.5 Return Len
RTNRLS *All V2.0 Return Release Level
RTNSECS *All V6.5 Return Seconds
RTVSRC *All V5.0 Retrieve CL Source
RTVQRY 30 V1.0 Retrieve Query Files
RTVQU 30 V4.0 Return Queue Handler
RUN *All V6.0 Run short command
RUNB *All V6.5 Run in batch mode
RUNSQL *All V2.0 Run SQL Statements
RUNW *ALL V6.0 Command manager
RWEEK *All V1.0 Return Week Number
SAVSP *All V1.0 Save Spool File
SAVSPL *All V1.0 Archive Spool File List
SCAN *All V7.0 Scan For String Pattern
SNDMS *All V1.0 Send Message
SPLFTP *All V1.0 Spool To FTP
SPLPF *All V1.0 Spool To File
SPLPCD *All V1.0 Spool To Folder
SPLSTMF *All V1.0 Spool To Stream
SPY *All V3.0 Spy Active Screens
STOPX *All V6.0 Stop message wait monitor
STRIPP *All V6.5 Start Ip Printers
STRWNN *All V6.5 Start Wnn Server
TIMEW *All V6.0 Wait time
TOOLS *All V4.0 Show all QPRA-TOOLS Command
UCASE *All V7.0 Convert To Upper-Case
UIADD *All V4.0 Add Entry Into User Index
UIRMV *All V4.0 Remove Entry From User Index
UIRTV *All V4.0 Return Entry From User Index
UIUPD *All V4.0 Update Entry From User Index
UNSRC *All V5.0 Work Unused Source
UPDATE *All V1.0 Update tools
VRYVRT *All V4.0 Verify Virtual Device ON/OFF
W 30 V1.0 Work Activity Job
WAITX *All V6.0 Message wait monitor
WB *All V1.0 Work Batch
WHO 30 V1.0 Who Is Abusing
WM *All V1.0 Work With Message
WRITEFS *All V7.5 Write Stream File
WRKARC *All V1.0 Work Archive File
WRKBCH *All V1.0 Work Batch Jobs
WRKIP *All V1.0 Work Active IP
WRKMF *All V7.5 Work Message File
WRKQY *All V2.0 Work Query Files
WRKSAE *All V5.0 Work *SAVF Entries
WRKSAM *All V5.0 Work *SAVF Members
WRKSAV *All V5.0 Work *SAVF
WRKSP *All V1.0 Work Spool Files
WS *All V1.0 Work Spool
XTCPCLT *All V6.0 TCP client
XTCPSRV *All V6.0 TCP server

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