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Author Title Year Support
P. LIONDream1984M45
P. LIONHappy children198345T
P4FP. machinery / relax1986M45
PACOAmor de mis amores1988M45
PACOAmor de mis amores198845T
PAINKILLERFree ass lover1993MCD
PALACE HOUSE MUSICCompilation house&33T
PANTERAFar beyond driven1994CD
PANTERAI'm broken1994MCD
PAPA DEEThe tide is high1996CDS
PARCHMENT PRAYERSense of belonging198733T
PARIS CASABLANCADancing in cairo1979M45
PARTENAIRE PARTICULIERPartenaire particulier198545T
PASSION FODDERHard words from a soft mouth198533T
PASSION FODDERLove, waltzes and anarchy198833T
PASSION OF A PRIMITIFSongs from the anti-hill198733T
PAT BENATARIn the heat of the night197933T
PAT BENATARTropico198433T
PAT BOONETutti-frutti&45T
PAT BOONEPetit gonzalès196245T
PAT JAMThe equeeler1998MCD
PATO BANTON WITH STINGSpirits in the material world1995CDS
PATRICIA CARLIDemain tu te maries196345T
PATRICIA KAASD'allemagne198845T
PATRICIA KAASLes lignes de nos mains1997CDS
PATRICK BRUELJ'te l'dis quand même1989MCD
PATRICK COUTINJ'aime regarder les filles1981M45
PATRICK COUTINTous des salauds1986M45
PATRICK COUTINJ'aime regarder les filles198133T
PATRICK COUTINUn étranger dans la ville198233T
PATRICK COUTINJ'aime regarder les filles - promo1990M45
PATRICK COWLEYDo you wanna funk1982M45
PATRICK HERNANDEZBorn to be alive&45T
PATRICK HERNANDEZBorn to be alive&M45
PATRICK JUVETLady night1979M45
PATTI SMITHEaster197833T
PATTI SMITHHorses197533T
PAUL MC CARTNEYAnother day197145T
PAUL SIMONLoves me like a rock197345T
PAUL SIMONGraceland198633T
PAUL YOUNGNo parlez198333T
PAUL YOUNGLove the common people198345T
PAULA ABDULOpposites attract1988M45
PAVILLON 7BLes nouveaux abris1987M45

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