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Author Title Year Support
A CAUS'DES GARCONSA caus'des garçons198745T
A FREE KSans préservatif1994CDS
A GRUMHBlack vinyl under cover&33T
A GRUMHNo way out&33T
A SPLIT SECONDTake this and shove it&M45
A SPLIT SECONDIntroversion199033T
A SPLIT SECONDKiss of fury199033T
A TRIBE CALLED QUESTCan i kick it1990M45
A+Enjoy yourself1999CDS
AALIYAHBack & forth1994CDS
ABBASuper trouper198045T
ABBAGimme ! gimme ! gimme !197945T
ABBAMoney, money, money197645T
ABBASuper trouper198033T
ABDELL LE SAINTJardin poétic1998CDS
ABIGAILSmells like teen spirit1994CDS
ABLETTESJackie s'en fout198645T
ABOUT NEW BEATPast & present - compilation198933T
ABSOLUTE REGGAECompilation reggae198733T
ABSTRACT MAGAZINEIssue 5 - compilation198533T
ABYALEI don't talk about1992MCD
AC MARIASOnce of your girls has gone missing1989M45
ACCEPTI don't wanna be like you1993MCD
ACDCHighway to hell197933T
ACDCBlack in black198033T
ACDCThe razors edge199033T
ACDCLet there be rock197733T
ACDCDirty deeds done dirt cheap197633T
ACDCFor those about to rock198133T
ACDCBlow up your video198833T
ACDCFly on the wall198533T
ACDCWho made who1986CD
ACDCHigh voltage1994CD
ACDCBig gun1993MCD
ACE OF BASEAll that she wants1992MCD
ACE OF BASEHappy nation1993MCD
ACE OF BASELiving in danger1994CDS
ACID ANGELSSpeed speed extasy1988M45
ACID HEADOverkill1988M45
ACID HOUSECompilation acid house198933T
ACID HOUSE MUSICCompilation volume 02198933T
ACID HOUSE MUSICCompilation volume 01198933T
ACID JAZZCompilation volume 01198833T
ACID JAZZ CLASSICThe original selection (4 cd)1996CD
ACID MEGAMIXMedley acid198833T
ACID PARTYCompilation acid198933T
ACIEED INFERNOCompilation acid volume 01198933T

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